About Us


To meet the personal needs of our community in the changing nature of Sandpoint due to economic changes and urban renewal. Creations' concept provides the “soft side” of urban development: Creations is all about people, families, and social connectivity.  While the local redevelopment agency and the Downtown Sandpoint Business Association work to improve the city's physical and economic infrastructure, Creations works at keeping Sandpoint personal.

Founder Shery Meekings saw that Sandpoint was in need of a non-discriminatory environmentally pleasant open space that would provides a safe and educational location for social networking and healthy creative communication.  Creations is the result.


We know of 500+ families that enjoy our facility as of Fall 2011. We offer 7 structured weekly classes including toddler arts and crafts, teen art discovery, special education art, creative cooking, women’s social craft, redirection art and homeschool co-op art classes, with open art filling the rest of the schedule. Birthday parties are always welcome too!

We also have a very well structured volunteer program, which welcomes people of all ages, sexes, vocational and educational levels, who wish to be linked to the social impact actions we take, as part of the core activities of the organization.

Along the way, we plan to build a team of leaders and visionaries who every day make possible the transformation we want.