Our Work


The Creative Future

Creations has an ambitious long-term commitment to the people and visitors of Sandpoint.  Here is an outline of our expansion plan.

     Immediate Goals

Phase 1: Creations Art Studio - Relocate Creations to its permanent location. Renovations to meet safety and community needs including a new sink and storage cabinets installed.
Phase 2: “Intelliground” play area – An interactive discovery and play area for the community of Sandpoint and tourist alike all indoors! Café and wi-fi bar seating abounds.
Phase 3: "The Second Hand Stand" Children's Resale Boutique - This will serve as an income producing store for Creations art studio and “intelliground” maintenance fees plus serve as a skill building facility for all ages interested in obtaining knowledge for entering/returning to the workforce and skill building facility for all ages.
Phase 4: The Toy Exchange – A toy store that operates as a library. The center of the space is to provide a stationary interactive toy area for the general public surrounded by shelves of rentable toys for a daily, monthly or yearly fee.

     Mid-range Goals

Phase 5: A bistro style restaurant and lounge area for local and tourists to enjoy a bountiful organic menu prepared by a culinary teaching kitchen that emphasizes healthy living starting from the inside out! Salad bar, soups, cold case, sandwiches, smoothies, fresh juices, teas and seltzers will capture your interest.

     Long-range Goals

Phase 6: Outdoor recreation water discovery area that includes a dock, row and paddle boats in exploration area, bumper boats and squirt guns in the fun zone.
Phase 7: Outdoor skating rink and amphitheatre. This will enable the Sandcreek to serve as a tourist destination plus service our community with an in-town winter recreational and sport activities area. An outdoor amphitheatre leading to skating and boat rental area plus centrally located industrial fire pit will service the community as needed.


Creations For Sandpoint is committed to leading a profound transformation in Sandpoint. Our commitment is to keeping Sandpoint personal.

The benefits we see flowing from our work include:

  • Recreation - From toddlers to grandpas, we provide a safe stimulating indoor environment to do art projects or just play together.
  • Prevention - Our art program not only provides teens and pre-teens a creative outlet, it also feeds into more formalized instruction, as will our culinary and retail job-skills training project. All such services have been shown to reduce the risk of alienation and self-destructive or irresponsible behavior in young people.


If you wish to help contribute to our cause we offer a variety of means to enlist your aid. Click on the links below for more information, and know we appreciate any contribution you wish to make to the cause.


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